9 tips for a successful property rental

Looking to rent a house or an apartment very soon? Whatever your needs are, here are nine basic rules that will save you time and help you take full advantage of your tenant status! While writing these lines, we have already assumed you know how to look online for property rentals, if it's not the case, all you need to know is that there are hundreds of websites specialized in apartment and house rental, for sale being one of them (if ever you were interested in taking a look at an accessible and complete example).

Pick the right neighbourhood, if possible!

To properly evaluate all aspects of your future rental, check the distances to the nearest schools, transportation and other important services. Make sure you talk to traders and neighbours who can act as a great source of information and alert you to potential nuisances.

Make sure the rent is within your reach

Yes you do like the place very much! But it is a little expensive, isn’t it? Try not to get too carried away before you check whether you can cope with the house or apartment rental’s costs and avoid potential financial problems.

Refine your dossier

Landlords usually fear the unpaid bills and, when selecting their tenants, make sure they pick someone who, in their view, involves the least risk. When you visit the house or apartment for rent, don’t forget to bring your dossier with all the documents that may be required with you: tax notice, employment contract etc...If the property rental cost exceeds one third of your income, your dossier may get rejected.

Read the rental contract clauses very carefully

If you are dealing with a particular landlord, detect any illegal clauses. They are common in this type of rental transactions. For instance, requiring you to make an automatic deduction of rent is prohibited just as is preventing you from hosting someone...

Do not pay anything before signing the rental contract

The payment of the first house or apartment rent and security deposit is made upon signature of the rental contract. Don’t pay anything before that!

Demand you are given a clear picture of the place

This allows you to identify any previously-caused damage that the owner could charge you with when you leave. Take notes on everything that seems defective so that you are not required to repair any damage that’s not caused by you. Your deposit is at stake!

Do not neglect your obligations

It goes without saying that, by renting a house or apartment, you agree to use it without creating nuisances to your neighbours and make sure it’s properly maintained.

Pay your rent on time

Do not be careless when it comes to paying the property rent. The contract provides for the rent due date. Make sure you respect this term, so that your relationship with the owner is well-founded.

Talk to the owner about any potential problems

Do not wait to get embarrassed to solve a rent payment issue. As soon as you have a difficulty, it is better to explain it to the owner who will probably be more conciliatory than if you run away from the discussion. In addition, unpaid rent can be settled by staggering, although, as the debt grows, it becomes more difficult.

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