Natural holidays

Advantages of renting a holiday cottage

The hiring costs is a matter of great importance. So, you should think about this mainly during the holidays. Normally, the hotels need an important budget that you cannot provide. So, you can choose self-catering homes as a better solution…

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Why do holiday cottages continue to seduce vacationers?

Are you planning your next vacation? Why not opt for a cottage rental? This type of accommodation is more and more widespread thanks to its practicality and the freedom it offers. Discover the advantages of renting a cottage for the…

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A list of the most out of the ordinary holiday destinations

How about avoiding tourists this summer, and going to less crowed – and often much more interesting destinations instead? From the world’s tallest capital to a small Balinese island known only to surfers, we have selected some of best destinations…

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How about a cottage stay for your next holiday?

Many rental agencies offer delightful cottages with pools and pitches for camping, located in the most natural landscapes, in quiet settings, usually with large forest areas. You will be able to take full advantage of the surrounding nature to recharge…

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5 types of holiday rental customers you should attract

Like most renters, your furnished rental probably attracts one to three types of renters. All happens automatically and not because you have actively sought to attract them. Here, there is a particularly interesting way to learn from hotels…Learn about customer…

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Go for a villa rental in Bois Plage in order to enjoy a unique vacation

Le Bois Plage en Ré is a purely natural destination offering unique and beautiful scenery coupled with a typical Oceanic view and many enjoyable activities as well as great opportunities for family outings in the whole island of Ile de…

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