Go for a villa rental in Bois Plage in order to enjoy a unique vacation

Le Bois Plage en Ré is a purely natural destination offering unique and beautiful scenery coupled with a typical Oceanic view and many enjoyable activities as well as great opportunities for family outings in the whole island of Ile de Ré. Go for a villa for rent in Bois Plage with myhomein-iledere.com.

Staying in a villa rental in Bois Plage allows you to enjoy the natural treasures of one of the most famous villages around. It is situated almost in the centre of the island and has the advantage of being surrounded by the sea from every side. A beach house rental in Bois Plage is located near wonderful clean and unspoiled beaches where big waves are ideal for sailing and surfing...Beachside fishing is usually practiced by visiting families so that the kids can explore what’s hidden below the sand and uncover shellfish and crustaceans.

Rent a holiday villa in Bois Plage and benefit from many activities within the village. The natural scenery in Bois Plage is so enchanting that it can only make you stay unforgettable and make the whole family as happy and pleased as they can get. A holiday villa rental in Bois Plage is all you need since the place has all it takes to make you vacation stay very special. The village includes the small towns of Rouland and Morinand and is a charming spot with many intimate streets and alleys penetrating groupings of white houses and elegant facades with hollyhocks embodying Ile de Re’s soul. The village is officially recognized as a tourist resort and has been awarded the Blue Flag label for many years now. Actually, Bois Plage is one of the first of this kind on the island.

When opting for a villa rental in Bois Plage, great beaches protected by dunes forming the ideal natural setting are easily reachable: Les Brémaudières, Bidon V, Les Gollandières, La Batterie, Le Petit Sergent, Les Sauzes, and Les Gouillauds Le Pas-des-Boeufs and Gros-Jonc. On the other side of the elegant dunes lies a wide wooded area sheltering a rich and diversified field of flora under the trees. Undoubtedly, Bois Plage is the number one destination for athletes looking to enjoy their time in Ile de Re; kite surfing, windsurfing, and so many additional activities ar all over the place on the island!

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