5 types of holiday rental customers you should attract

Like most renters, your furnished rental probably attracts one to three types of renters. All happens automatically and not because you have actively sought to attract them. Here, there is a particularly interesting way to learn from hotels...Learn about customer segmentation here...


The holidays are a special time that most families look forward to every year. After a stressful year, finally a moment where we will be able to meet and spend time quietly together! These tenants want to relax, have fun and have good family memories. It is not uncommon for families with young children to take advantage of cheaper low-season rates (they can afford it because their children are not yet in school) which can lead to more off-season bookings.

The groups

Whether you're talking about over-excited groupies or any other type of group of friends, you'll have to accept that there are different types of personalities. Some will want to party, others will want to visit a maximum of sites in your area.

Dynamic retirees

After working for many years, some retirees seek to keep that active life they have always lived. And what better way to enjoy retirement than to travel and discover places you have not yet had the opportunity to explore? These tenants will need more explanations about appliances and the surrounding area.

Individuals or groups travelling for an event

Whether for a concert, a festival, a wedding, a football match...These tenants are usually full of excitement. It is likely that they waited impatiently for months for this particular event.

Business travellers

Business travellers can be quite demanding, but it's the kind of tenants that we have to make sure to attract more: they usually book from Monday to Friday (or even the entire week), and they tend to come back and spend more. Business travellers are a type of renters that many people in the furnished rental and hospitality industry would like to attract. These travellers generally have more financial resources and therefore tend to spend more. Companies often have a budget for business travel, and their employees benefit. They are also very respectful of places in most cases.

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