How about celebrating Christmas in a holiday cottage?

You have decided to rent a cottage for your family Christmas holiday? Wow, that’s a great idea, you will not regret it! Especially if it's for the Christmas period!

Christmas preparations in your comfortable cottage

What we look forward to at Christmas are certainly the gifts! Will you unwrap them at night around the fireplace, or in the early morning? You choose. In any case, it will be necessary to determine, as soon as you arrive, the location of the gifts ... It may not be possible to install a tree just for your week of vacation, so make it! In wood, cardboard, hanging garlands of light or string and decorations on the wall ... let your imagination speak. Let's talk about food too. In your cottage, you have everything you need to make good food. You just have to go to the store to choose the foods that inspire you (toast, crusted pie, “foie gras”, turkey, ingredients for the log ...). Say, for the menu, why not divide tasks among all family members? Imagine: some prepare a starter, others take care of the main dish or hot buffet, and a third person or group prepare a cheese platter or a dessert ... That's the magic of Christmas for you!

Fun activities to enjoy with your family

You can also enjoy a cottage rental for Christmas in an out of the ordinary place, to practice activities that we are not really used to, a little more scenery, for the greatest pleasure of the whole family. It can be very close, and it is true that there are places, if only in Europe, where the climate is much more pleasant during the Christmas period, allowing activities to be carried outdoor for example or even in the sea depending on your location. This is a way to celebrate Christmas quite differently, which should be unanimous!

The evening: at the cottage or in the village?

At home, what's happening at Christmas? Do you rock the music and film your kids dancing? Or does everyone take his instrument and perform the traditional Christmas carols together? You can also play board games, immerse yourself in your family memories ... In any case, make the most of the atmosphere of the chalet to share the joy and magic of Christmas with all your loved ones: the warmth of the fireplace, the comforting smell of the wood fire, the view of snowflakes falling outside...Then put on your boots, gloves and Santa hats to admire the Christmas lights, and enjoy the shows or entertainment offered in town. Tourist areas usually offer free entertainment on Christmas Eve. You will not miss that!

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