Build a cottage and turn it into a financial asset

Whether it is in the countryside or on the seaside, there is a real craze for rural cottages and bed and breakfast rentals. First and foremost, vacationers love the formula. On the other hand, creating this type of accommodation is often the dream of someone who wants to make his house profitable or change his life. Change your life and make your cottage profitable by welcoming holidaymakers for a weekend or a holiday in the countryside or by the sea. That’s the dream of many anyway!

Cottage or bed and breakfast, what’s best for you?

The cottage, self-contained accommodation, usually rented by the week, is the most common form of reception. For instance, there are 43,800 in France and 2,500 are newly-built each year. It is most often a house or a dwelling near the home of the owners. It is fully equipped, with the exception of linen (sometimes provided for rent) and has various facilities (basic equipment such as a fridge and a toaster oven up to the dishwasher or dryer for the well-classified cottages). The bed and breakfast, located at the owner's house and rented by the day, is also widespread. As at the hotel, bed linen and linen are provided and breakfast included. The owner welcomes tourists to his home, in rooms he has designed and decorated for this purpose, most often in a charming house. In either case, initial investments are important to develop, equip and upgrade the premises.

Very variable income

Cottages and guest rooms, which do not rent at the same price, do not return the same amount of money to their owners. The average rate of a week in a cottage is 377 Euros and 41 Euros for a night in bed and breakfast. The filling rates also differ: it reaches 23 weeks (or 161 days) for the cottages and only 98 nights for the guest rooms. In conclusion, the cottages seem more profitable, with an average income of 8,000 Euros per year, against 4,000 Euros for cottages. But these are averages and the variations are very important.

Let’s talk real money here!

Some manage to earn 50 000 Euros of profits per year and even more with their five rather high-end rooms. Others, who are owners of bed and breakfast, achieve a turnover of 36,000 Euros per year, or about 3,000 Euros of income per month. These owners are doing well because they have developed additional benefits that allow them to make larger incomes and, especially, to be comfortable during the winter months, often difficult and even deadly for many!

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