Help your tenant live like a lifelong resident!

A survey conducted by Airbnb reveals that 91% of travellers want to discover their destination "as a resident" when booking an accommodation. Unlike hotels, which are generally located in very touristy areas, short-term rentals offer tenants the opportunity to fully explore other neighbourhoods and have more authentic experiences. With that in mind, you can make your tenants have a more enjoyable stay and better meet their expectations.

Why not give them a welcome gift

It may seem obvious, but a thoughtful welcome gift can say a lot. A little something bought from a local craftsman is an excellent choice to welcome your tenants to your property and neighbourhood. A little something to eat or to nibble is always a great idea. For a large number of travellers, the discovery aspect of local products occupies an important place in the choice of a travel destination. These little gestures are effective in showing your tenants that you are not doing things in half and that you care about the success of their stay. You offer them a glimpse (or rather a taste) of life in your neighbourhood or region.

Decorate the place appropriately

A decoration made with typical / local artwork can instantly turn a boring and stale property into a living and unique home. That's why you need to make sure you decorate your property appropriately, to create the atmosphere that travellers and vacationers visiting the area crave. Also remember to leave in the main room one or more guides detailing the architecture, the local atmosphere or the history of your city or neighbourhood. They allow your tenants to perceive more the soul of places. Photo albums from local photographers are also a great idea. As your guests flip through them, they will be quickly absorbed by the beauty of the local culture.

Put a guide to local attractions at their disposal

A guide featuring the best restaurants, bars, attractions, shops, the city or the neighbourhood will help your tenants find ideas for their stay. Tenants like to know what your favourite places are. Design an up-to-date guide to key area information, including dates / times and locations of local events (markets, wine fairs, village festivals, festivals, etc.). Make sure to include a lot of things to do, so there's something for everyone.

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