How to choose the holiday rental that suits you best?

The holiday period is a moment to pamper! To successfully organize your stay, choosing a vacation rental is essential. Be careful; because a bad choice can spoil your holidays and make you live a nightmare. So, for this long-awaited moment to be perfect, read our tips to choose your vacation rental...

Apartment, villa or campsite?

Before surfing holiday rental offers, you must define the type of property you are looking for. Campsites today offer comfortable mobile homes or prime locations to install your caravan. For a family or a stay with friends, renting a villa with pool is a must. And finally, an apartment or studio located in the heart of the city allows you to visit the sights easily on foot or drive around the area by car.

Read reviews and comments

On many rental websites, customers have the opportunity to leave comments and rate the rental with stars. These opinions are generally reliable and inform you if the owner is welcoming and if the property is of quality.

Precautions to take

Before sending a deposit, distrust! Ask about the renter and check his address. A good tip is to ask a friend to book the rental on the same dates. If the owner agrees, then it's a scam. You can also view the location on Google Maps. If the address falls on a landfill, there is a big chance that this mishap has already happened to other unlucky vacationers. Not all the renters are honest people!

Leisure activities around the rental location

If you like to move and play sports, it is advisable to book a property that is close to the activities you like: tennis, sea, horse riding, hiking trails...

Comfort and Wi-Fi

Carefully detail the inventory of furniture and household equipment: washing machine, microwave, television, coffee machine...and of course the internet connection, a must which is very useful on holidays to locate the main roads and monuments to visit. A personal parking space is also a strong point in a rental, unless you come by train or plane. If you have a pet, think of it too! Be careful, because some owners prohibit the presence of an animal in a rental.

Local shops

On vacation, we like to relax and enjoy quietness and calm settings, but it is also very convenient to have shops, pharmacies, restaurants, and bars close to your holiday rental.  

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