The golden rules for a successful real estate purchase

Any real estate purchase presents risks. By following these golden rules you will put the odds on your side to make your home or apartment purchase a success. With these 10 commandments, you will greatly reduce the risk of getting a bad deal. Find out how to prepare for the success of your real estate acquisition.

Prepare your purchase project correctly

The first rule to respect before buying a home is to not neglect the preparation stage of your project. This will save you many hours of unnecessary research, unsuitable housing visits.

Study real estate news very carefully

Like any market, the real estate sector must adapt to frequent changes. New aid, changes in taxation, price and tax fluctuations, new regulations, etc. Many elements can condition your purchase.

Analyze your local real estate market

The generalist press has allowed you to get an overall idea of the real estate market, but there are thousands of different real estate markets. It is therefore essential to complete your project preparation with a complete study of your local real estate market.

Buy for the long term

A real estate purchase becomes financially more interesting than renting only after having lived there for several years. And yes, there are many acquisition costs to take into account before a purchase becomes profitable. In periods of rising prices, the property gains value, even a five-year conservation can be enough. On the other hand, in times of stability or lower prices, deadlines can considerably lengthen to a minimum of 7 or 8 years in these cases.

Take all the time you need

Patience must be one of the main qualities you will have to demonstrate during your real estate acquisition project. You do not buy an apartment like you buy a shirt. You will commit to large sums of money and most likely for several years of mortgage repayment. So it's not something that is easily done. The consequences of a bad choice can be very expensive!

Negotiate the price of the property

The time when a property was sold within a few hours and without negotiation is over. Except in rare cases where a dwelling is put at a price much lower than the market, the time of sale goes from a few days to several months, even years for the sellers who camp on an unsuitable price. The purchase price of the house or apartment will affect almost all the other costs you will have to pay for this purchase.

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