The steps to follow when buying an apartment or a house

Buying a house or apartment is a goal for many households. As the sums involved are important, it is necessary to prepare the project well and ask the right questions at the right time.

Define your real estate purchase project

The first step is to precisely define your real estate project. It is important to spend time and list all the questions to ask yourself. A necessary reflection that allows later to better target real estate offers and to be sure that they correspond to his project.

The localisation

The property location is the first question to have. It has a strong importance especially regarding the price of housing. It is necessary to ask yourself if you want to live near the city centre, means of transport, schools, and shops or if you are ready to move away to the periphery to have a larger or more recent accommodation. People who plan to live in the countryside are not exempt from these types of questions. They must ask themselves about the opportunity to settle in the village or in a more isolated place.

The type of property

Another question that needs to be answered: what type of property do you wish to acquire? Whether it's an apartment, a house or a building site, the consequences will not be the same for the rest of the process. To make this choice, several characteristics must be taken into account. People who go to an apartment should not be frightened by promiscuity, the possibility of hearing the noise of their neighbours or the lack of outdoor space.

New or old?

The choice must also be depending on whether you want a new or old property. A query that may arise from the questions listed above. In this reflection, we must consider that today the largest number of new buildings are far from the city centres and may not have the charm of old stone. Other arguments in favour of the former: the higher initial price and the difficulty to project when you buy on plan. It is not always easy to imagine what the project will look like when it is completed but also the neighbourhood, whether there will be new infrastructure, new businesses or transport etc...From a financial point of view, the difference in price can be offset by reduced notary fees and insurance, during the first years, since there is no need for important works to finance. In this calculation, it is also necessary to include the long-term expenses for heating, condominium fees etc...

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