Tips for getting a better mortgage rate

To have your mortgage at the best rate, you must have the best possible record. Here are our criteria that we think will allow you to get close to the best current loan rates available on the market.

Negotiating your mortgage rate

Before buying an apartment or a house, most people find out about current mortgage rates to find out how much they can borrow. The interest rate is one of the most important elements of your home loan. We will see what criteria your banker will hold to offer you the best rate for your mortgage.

Your personal contribution

Finance part of your purchase with a personal contribution. You must at least be able to pay the notary fees yourself. The bank will not be the only one to take risks if there are any future problems, it will not finance the property 100%. By reducing the risk taken by your banker, he can offer you a better credit rate.

Zero Rate Loans

Check if you are eligible for the zero rate loans. If you are, this will allow you to borrow part of the money needed for free. Zero interest loans are considered personal contribution by your bank.

Reduce your other credits as much as possible

The fewer credits you have the less risk you encounter. The bank can therefore accept a larger monthly payment since your debt ratio is lower. , By reducing the risks, this will also give you, an advantage over the credit rate calculation.

Subscribe to other products from the bank

During your negotiation, you can decrease your rate by agreeing to subscribe other products proposed by this bank (insurance, investments, card of payment, etc.). Compare the insurance and other products offered with those you currently have: if the gap is not very important, it may be interesting to change to win a credit cheaper. During the annual renewal, you will then have the opportunity to change again if the product is not very interesting.

Compare between banks and credit organizations

You can take advantage of the competition precisely to negotiate the rate and the best loan conditions by comparing the proposals of different banks or credit organizations.

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