What makes people click on a rental ad?

Your ad click rate - the percentage of people who click on your ad on rental agencies’ websites can make all the difference! Even if your property is great, you will not win much if you lack visibility on these platforms. In the following lines we will review the determining factors to make sure you have a relatively high visibility and click rate.

A better referenced ad attracts more potential tenants

As on Google, the first search results receive more visitors than the rest. For instance, the web page that ranks first in Google search results receives about 33% of the traffic; the second gets about 18%. On rental websites, one notices a similar phenomenon: If your ad comes top in search results, you can expect a dramatic increase in clicks and requests. Hence the importance of ensuring that your ad is well referenced and leads the search results for the area in question.

Tenants favor recognized owners

With the multitude of ads that can be found, users are spoiled for choice. Their choice will of course be influenced by the quality of the property, but also by the status of the host. A respectable status, which is usually awarded by the rental agencies to guests whose services are of relatively high standards, reflects the seriousness of the owner and the quality of his/her services. Tenants want to make sure not to have a bad surprise.

Photos, prices and titles are of utmost importance

Once potential tenants have launched the search by entering their destination, it's the photos that make all the difference. Internet users will first click on ads with beautiful photos (and will often leave others aside). Prices are also important when it comes to getting people to click on your ad. If your rates are too high, travelers will not click on your ad. But on the other hand, if your rates are too low, your income will suffer, hence the importance of knowing how to determine the optimal price. Making a few small adjustments to your offer can have a significant impact on your booking rate and rental income.

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