Rent a cottage in Ile de Ré and enjoy a stay in a unique natural setting

Ile de Re has a good number of assets over many other famous holiday destinations: long oceanic coastlines, sunny days most of the year, natural landscapes, very good safety record and a number of historical ruins. It’s surely the place to visit for your next vacation! Opt for a cottage in Ile de Re with

Cottage rental in Ile de Ré

Everyone looking to enjoy a dream holiday stay in a unique accommodation can opt for a cottage rental in Ile de Ré and live a one-off experience… A cottage is the choice any nature lover would make as it’s not only ideal for a stay with the family but also with friends and particularly with a lover. Anyone looking to treat every one of his senses to an impressive landscape along the Atlantic Ocean will get the opportunity to enjoy some brilliant spots thanks to the countless cottage rental offers provided in Ile de Ré. It is in a beautiful natural environment that Ile-de-Re welcomes you and spoils you with some wonderful and well preserved authentic spots, a warm wilderness and a comfortable atmosphere, crackling fire in the fireplace, at the option of the water and wind, in total harmony with the charm of nature. Weather is an important selection criterion for a vacation destination and opting for a cottage must be done according to that. Since it has over 2250 hours of sunshine a year, opting for a cottage rental in Ile de Ré is an ideal option for all vacationers.

Renting a cottage in Ile de Re rhymes with life in the wilderness

Travelling to Ile de Ré is an idea that can cross the minds of most of holidaymakers around the globe thanks to the unique beauty of the island. However, accommodation is a perpetual torment for them; what do they choose? What are the decisive criteria for making the right choice anyway? One thing is for sure; all wilderness lovers would opt for a seaside or a forest cottage all day long. Although agriculture accounts for only 2% of the labor force, Ile de Re’s territory is not stingy when it comes to landscape features, with its forest coverage and most importantly for tourists, its vineyards! Renting a cottage in Ile-de-Ré is enjoying the golden morning light, strolling in the forested areas intoxicated by the balsamic pine forests’ aroma. In the afternoon, you will have the chance to sail the salt marshes, discover the fish locks or observe the diversity of birds. In the evening, you will be curious to watch the birds chirping in the backyard and you might have the privilege of eating fresh products from a vegetable garden nearby. Well there’s nothing better than a cottage rental in Ile de Ré to soak up the rustic life of the island population. If you’re looking for a holiday that doesn’t compromise on comfort and tranquillity, the ideal choice is to opt for a  home rental in Île de Ré. Find in some useful and practical information to help you prepare your stay.