How to rent a house: 3 key points for a successful rental

When you know how to go about it, renting your home is far from complicated. In the lines that follow, you will discover how to rent a house on you own, in 3 key points.

Rent bare or furnished?

The first question to ask yourself is this: do I rent empty or furnished? In other words, do I furnish the house I plan to rent, or do I have to rent the furniture? To be able to answer this question, it is necessary first to study the type of customers who frequent the geographical area where your house is located: Are the surroundings mainly visited by tourists who stay only for a short time, or rather by a sedentary clientele (like students, families etc...). It is obvious that if you find yourself in the first situation, you will opt for a seasonal furnished rental. In the case of a less touristic region that receives more students or sedentary people, you have the choice between a classic furnished rental and an empty one.

Rent your house yourself or go through an agency?

Some individuals prefer to go through an agency, others prefer to do everything themselves. It all depends on your lifestyle and the time you have to spend looking for renters. Each way of doing has advantages and disadvantages:

Going through an agency

The advantage of renting a house through an agency is that it takes care of everything. She takes care of finding tenants and takes care of the visits. The downside is that it takes a commission on rents (around 5% of the total rent), and you will have to pay him a fee.

Renting your house yourself

Renting yourself allows you to cash all the rents. However, it will be up to you to organize the visits and find the tenants. But you'll see that when you know how to do it, it's far from complicated.

For how much to rent your house

The amount of rent depends on several factors: living space, geographical location (city center? Eccentric?), Equipment...A furnished house will obviously earn you more than a bare one. In the same way, a house rented seasonally (day or week) will generally earn you more than that rented for months as part of a classic furnished rental. To set a rate, you will first have to get an idea of the rates charged by the rental agencies in the region; your aim is not to be out of step with the offers in your area.

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